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Introducing the BladeMill Burn for under $30,000

Eamasports Canada
 is a company dedicated to designing and engineering the finest, hockey training and player development products in the industry.

Our Products are entirely engineered and manufactured in our own Facility, Eamatech Canada Inc., located in Mississauga industrial park (Canada’s Hockey Central) in the greater Toronto area.

Our Manufacturing Company
is family owned and operated for more than thirty years. Every associate in the company, Canadian and American born is participating in the game. All Motion associates are brought up thru the hockey ranks and literally live eat and sleep the game. Through these experiences their keen ears are always listening and watchful eyes always watching, searching for cutting edge technologies to further the player development process.

Quality not Quantity Driven each piece of equipment manufactured is tested and retested , to insure its functionality at every facility and built for years of trouble free operation.

"Proud Partner at the Let's Play Hockey Expo"

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