BladeMill InLine



Product Summary

The BladeMill™ Inline aptly named to reflect the concept of an “inline skating treadmill” is the original and category definer in its market.

Uses and Applications

  • For endurance, strength, and technical advancement and overall conditioning of all inline skaters at all levels

  • Develop better skating mechanics and a more powerful stride

  • Inline Rinks

  • Dryland training facilities

  • Fitness environments

  • For recreational, amateur and professional skating teams

  • Schools and universities who foster intramural skating teams

  • Physio centres for rehabilitation and disabled persons

Features Include

  • 10 HP variable speed AV inverter motor

  • Capable of handling 400 pounds at 30° at 72KPH [45MPH] or 50LBS at 0° at a walking pace, with no transition hesitation

  • HarnessHalo® allows for up to 2 skaters to cycle safely and without interruption

  • Multiple options including skirting, cameras, screens, audio and more




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