Extreme System "The Pods" Pad®

Product Summary

Networked Moveable wireless networked cones on a 20’L x 28’W ToughIce® agility training pad communicating with a software program for a dryland skating exercise never before experienced.


ExtremeSystem® is designed for agility training. Players with a dominant side, can now balance themselves equally. As they run the program, they can time themselves as to their improvement.


Our ToughIce® skating surface simulates real ice while provides proper resistance to generate agility training at the same time.


Uses and Applications

  • Allows for programming various tag-points to light up sequentially or randomly

  • Improves skater agility by the constant stop-start and directional travel

  • Strengthens lateral and weak-side movement

  • Pre-programmable to skaters needs or preferences

  • Teaches split-second reaction

  • Installs well in homes, warehouses and fitness facilities

  • Provides accuracy feedback to motivate improvement

Features Include

  • Multiple electronic tag-points for skater to be directed to

  • Can be programmed to cycle automatically

  • Laser heel switch to advise of next requirement

  • Tag-points flash until tapped by skater

  • ToughIce® brand all-climate synthetic skating surface

  • Fantastic for agility training and to balance skaters weak side

  • Completely mobile “networked” ExtremeSystem moves from location to location in seconds





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