GrindRail is a 70’ long by 6’ wide track with rails and gable... motivated by the clock.

There—and back if you dare!


Product Summary

GrindRail® is designed for strength training. Players with under developed upper body strength will now be able to be more aggressive in the corners and in giving checks; and to stay solid when hit.


Our unique, constant torque rail system allows for smooth and gradual increases in resistance.


Uses and Applications

  • Strengthens upper body, calves and thighs

  • Teaches balancing and weight distribution

  • Installs well along vacant walls

  • Pre-programmable variable torque—the further you go, the tougher it gets

  • Improves skater core strength by extreme force needed to push gable forward

  • Provides accuracy feedback to motivate improvement

  • Stamina development for longer shift time

Features Include

  • Variable torque control for tension setting

  • Multiple height cross-bars for comfort

  • Structural steel construction for solid feel

  • Wall clock to push skaters to their limits

  • ToughIce® brand all-climate synthetic skating surface

  • Excellent of upper body strength training and leg development





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