Product Summary

MobileRink® provides a team setting for drills and power skating exercises.


Our ToughIce® skating surface provides just the right amount of resistance to generate strength training but allows for effective puck passing timing for breakout drills

® Models


FUN Series

Child 16’ x 32’
Youth 20’ x 40'
Intermediate 28 x 44’
Junior 32’ x 48’
Senior 36’ x 60’
Pro Lite 40’ x 80’

PRO Series*

Extreme 50’ x 100’
Elite 75’ x 125’
NHL 85’ x 200’
International 100’ x 200’

HOME Series

* Custom Sized
* Any physical size is available

Uses and Applications

  • Excellent for team-based training drills

  • Skating surface achieves just the right amount of resistance to provide for leg strengthening

  • Professional set up in any environment and is not weather dependant

  • The MobileRink is great for backyard winter fun without having to flood or suffer mild weather swings; boards add for more control

  • MobileRink Pro allows for 3-on-3 fun and professional power skating

  • Installs well in homes, warehouses and fitness facilities

Features Include

  • Customized design and built to your exacting specifications

  • Reinforced structure to handle impacts

  • Professional standard boards, baseboards and trim

  • Bullet proof glass all round

  • Fully functioning entry and exit doors

  • ToughIce® brand all-climate synthetic skating surface

  • Safety net over entire MobileRink

  • Requires no refrigeration or other dedicated resources

  • Various options such professional hockey nets, players benches



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