Product Summary

A LazerNet and electronic SnipeEyes for accuracy training along with a computer program, and a puck passer. When placed on any size MobileRink, this creates a great SnipePad accuracy and stick-handling training environment.


Our SnipeSystem® challenges a players reaction time and shooting skills and can provides them with measurable achievements.

Our ToughIce® skating surface simulates real ice while providing additional resistance to generate strength training at the same time.


Uses and Applications

  • Assists in increasing shot accuracy

  • Achieve strong shooting mechanics for players

  • Creates self-confidence in ability to snipe a corner on demand

  • Generates confidence in real-play situations as goalie is always moving

  • Teaches split-second decision making

  • With PLC, provides accuracy feedback to motivate improvement

  • Creates alertness as flashing target signals which corner to pick

  • Recreational strength skating

  • Installs well in homes, warehouses and fitness facilities

Features Include

  • MobileRink includes standard issue boards, baseboards and trim

  • Fully functioning entry door

  • Plexi-glass or Lexan all round

  • Reinforced galvanized structure

  • EamaSports LazerNet® net

  • Safety net over entire SnipePad® avail.

  • ToughIce® brand all-climate synthetic skating surface

  • Electronically lit targets with flashing lights

  • Includes EamaSports puck passer

  • Optional PLC with MMI allows to program lights and to printout stats

  • Optional radar gun allows for measuring speed




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