ToughRamp is 55’ long by 8’ wide driven by time measured 3x on the way up.


Product Summary

ToughRamp® is designed for explosive start training. Players are coached to continually reduce their ramp time, in an effort to work legs that will allow them to be the first to the puck on ice.


This is the next step after having the BladeMill provide mechanical efficiency.


Uses and Applications

  • Strengthens calves and thighs

  • Teaches explosive starts

  • Like running up stairs but with your skates on

  • Excellent cardio training

  • Provides accuracy feedback to motivate improvement

  • Stamina development for longer shift time and quicker “to the puck” times

Features Include

  • Angled ramp with Lexan sides for viewing

  • ToughIce® brand all-climate synthetic skating surface

  • Photo cells for measuring and monitoring times at 3 critical stages

  • Wall clock to push skaters to their limits

  • Structural steel construction for solid feel

  • Also available: A variable size 1/4 Pipe, any width and length for various uses





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